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The Great Idaho Potato Truck stopped in Washington DC, as part of a national tour to help raise awareness for Meals On Wheels. At an event on Capitol Hill, the IPC presented MOWAA President and CEO Enid Borden with a check for $100,000.



Meals for Moms Capitol Hill Card Signing Event 2012

The American Senior Infographic

A special holiday gift to all Meals On Wheels programs.

A video message to encourage our Meals On Wheels Community and beyond to participate and join the dialogue to promote healthier eating and more affordable access to healthy food for all including our seniors.

One in nine seniors – an astonishing 6 million Americans – face the constant threat of hunger. Watch the infographic.

We Are Meals On Wheels so no senior goes hungry

Good Food, Good Deeds” is a new series on RLTV (Retirement Living TV) focused on senior nutrition, health and the incredible work of Meals On Wheels programs.

MOWAA Member Spotlight: See how WesleyLife Meals On Wheels in
Iowa brings nutritious meals and compassion to seniors in their community.

The gas crisis is seriously hurting Meals On Wheels programs across the
country. Watch the video to see how gasoline prices are causing such worries
for Meals On Wheels of Central Maryland.

MOWAA makes history on Capitol Hill, bringing together nearly 40
Members of Congress to sign personal messages of hope to homebound
senior moms who depend on Meals On Wheels to survive.

Joyce raised two daughters on her own. Now she's all alone and depends
on Meals On Wheels to survive. Please support our Meals for Moms
campaign. Go to today.

Senior moms like Joan need your help. Support our Meals for Moms
campaign. Go to today.

Watch one of our most recent public service announements. So many of
America's homebound and hungry seniors are "Forgotten."

Meet the seniors who depend on Meals On Wheels of San Antonio, Texas.

Veteran newsman Sam Donaldson talks about the problem of senior hunger in America.

Help make the holiday season brighter for America's homebound and hungry seniors. Support the Meals On Wheels Association of America.

MOWAA is once again proud to be a part of the Subaru "Share the Love Event." When you take home a new Subaru this holiday season, the car company will donate $250 to your choice of five charities, including Meals On Wheels.

They fought for freedom, but now many of our veterans are homebound and hungry. Meet Francis Miller, who served in World War II. You can help veterans like Mr. Miller receive the nutritious food and companionship they so desperately need.

Our MOW program spotlight: everybody do the "Meals On Wheels Dance!" Thanks to our friends at Lanakila Pacific for this truly inspirational video.

Congratulations to "High Five" John Gill, the winner of MOWAA's 2010 American Volunteer Contest.

In this video, our friends at Splenda show us how helping to feed America's seniors can be as easy as pie!

Richard Gere shows us why his father, Homer, is the real "leading man." Homer Gere is a long-time Meals On Wheels volunteer.

A truly inspiring video from Bridgestone Retail Operations, our corporate partner. Follow the road that takes MOWAA to our vision: ending senior hunger in America by the year 2020.

See first hand how Walmart Foundation Impact Grants are making a difference for Meals On Wheels programs across the U.S.

Meet, Ruth. She's a mom who has outlived her only child. Ruth is a Meals On Wheels client who helped inspire our Mother's Day campaign: Meals for Moms. Go to to find out how you can brighten the day of a senior in need - or send a free flower bouquet e-card to a loved one through Mother's Day: May 9, 2010.

Meet people who depend on Meals On Wheels in Hyattesville, Maryland, along with some of the dedicated workers who help these seniors in need.

Richard Gere delivers meals with his father, Homer.

NBC's Willard Scott hopes that you'll also support MOWAA during the holidays and all year long. In this video, the popular Today Show morning personality reflects on the work MOWAA is doing to end senior hunger in America. Please make a donation to end senior hunger.

Meet Lucile Blackburn who won the 2009 "American Volunteer" award at age 98! She's been a dedicated volunteer with Meals for the Elderly in San Angelo, Texas, for more than eleven years. Great job Lucile. Read more about Lucile's story in our Member blog area.

Ruthie Jackson lives in a small town in Arkansas. Her husband died about a year ago. Thanks to Meals On Wheels, she has visitors and gets the food she needs to live. The Meals On Wheels Association of America is trying to bring attention to the challenges seniors and our programs face in rural America.

MOWAA's "Drive" public service announcement. Every day, Meals On Wheels delivers more than one million meals to seniors in America. Where will their next meal come from? You can help.

While Senior Nutrition Programs across the United States share problems common to all of them—such as a growing aging population and limited resources—Senior Nutrition Programs in rural areas face unique challenges such as time, distance, cost and labor.

MOWAA's "Hungry" public service announcement. Every day, Meals On Wheels delivers more than one million meals to seniors in America. Where will their next meal come from? You can help.

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