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News about the Subaru Share the Love Event

Social Media Tips

One of the best ways you can highlight all of your hard work during the “Share the Love” event is by showcasing it on social media. Social media allows you to promote your retailer events in advance, raise awareness for the “Share the Love” event, and share related photos and video.

Let’s start with the basics. This is a great opportunity to get your program active on social media if you have not already. Watch a step-by-step guide on how to operate your standard social platforms:

The ins and outs. Here are some additional tips to consider while using social media:

  • It is important to "like" Subaru on Facebook and follow Subaru on Twitter in order to link back to their posts and tweets, share campaign content and support the company that is giving back. The more you include them in your outreach, the better the chances are that they will retweet, share or engage in conversation. Your local retailer is likely active on social media, as well.
  • It is also important to "like" Meals On Wheels Association of America on Facebook and also follow us on Twitter. If you connect with us, we'll retweet and engage right back so that your voice is amplified even further.
  • The # symbol is known as a hashtag and allows your post to be linked to a specific conversation. When tweeting anything about this campaign, be sure to include #SharetheLove. This way, anyone interested in "Share the Love" will be able to find your post promoting your activity. Although it is most common to use hashtags on Twitter, you can now use hashtags on Facebook, too!
  • While Facebook has an unlimited use of characters in posts, Twitter only allows for 140 characters. Keep this in mind before attempting to send a lengthy tweet!
  • Talk with other Member programs to see what they're up to on social media by joining the Association’s Member-only discussion group on LinkedIn. Join the discussion.

Raise awareness. Simple examples of how programs have utilized each social platform:

  • Berks Encore created a Pinterest board that captured pictures of items collected during their food drive and marketing materials used to promote their event.
  • East Cooper Meals on Wheels and Cabarrus Meals on Wheels both posted videos on YouTube that highlighted action shots of their events. (East Cooper video, Cabarrus video).
  • Meals on Wheels of Northampton created a Facebook Event to raise awareness for their campaign activities and invite the community to participate.
  • Corning Meals on Wheels dedicated an album on their Facebook page that housed their pictures throughout the campaign.
  • Johnson County Meals on Wheels captured their events in action by tweeting a picture of their activity and using the #SharetheLove hashtag within the body of the tweet.

Start sharing. Sample content that you can share on social media:

  • Promote and/or recap your "Share the Love" local activation event. You can also use Facebook to invite supporters to your event. Learn how to create an event page on Facebook.
  • Share videos on YouTube of Subaru staff delivering or serving meals, an event at your retailer and/or your clients thanking Subaru for its support. Smart phones make this easier than ever!
  • Post pictures of your events, clients and/or volunteers.
  • Inform your followers about the "Share the Love" event in general. Be sure to encourage them to check the Meals On Wheels Association of America box when purchasing their Subaru between November 20, 2014 and January 2, 2015.
  • Post updates that link to any news coverage you get throughout the event.
  • Sample Tweets:
    • It's time to #SharetheLove again! @subaru_usa will donate $250 for every Subaru sold between now and Jan. 2! Choose @_MealsOnWheels!
    • Test drive a Subaru this weekend @RETAILER and they'll make a $XXX donation back to @YOURPROGRAM! #SharetheLove
    • We are thrilled that @subaru_usa and @RETAILER have decided to #SharetheLove with @YOURPROGRAM and @_MealsOnWheels

Capture it all. Remember to save links to content or use screen captures to document what you do. A detailed summary of social media outreach will be needed for your grant application.

Questions? WE CAN HELP! Contact Lauren Fielder, our Member Communications Manager, with any questions or concerns at or 571-339-1621. She’ll walk you through it!


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