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News about the Subaru Share the Love Event

Ideas to Get Your Wheels Turning

For those Member programs with a participating Subaru Dealership in their area:


  • Enlist dealership staff to deliver meals and holiday poinsettias in a wrapped or decorated vehicle.
  • Enlist dealership staff to cover one of your many Meals on Wheels delivery routes throughout the “Share the Love” campaign.
  • Ask the Subaru dealership to help serve holiday meals at your Member program’s congregate site or donate gifts for each attendee.
  • Work with the dealership to promote the “Share the Love” campaign in local holiday parades. Fill a wrapped Subaru vehicle with Member program staff or volunteers and participate in an existing parade or initiate your own parade of Meals on Wheels-wrapped Subaru vehicles down your Main Street. Notify press of your activities so that they can follow.


  • Work with your dealership to organize a Food Drive to support your efforts.
    • “Stuff the Trunk” - Ask your community to fill Subaru vehicles with non-perishable food items at dealerships and arrange a ceremonial delivery to your location so that press can follow and report.
    • Set up food collection boxes within the dealership.
  • Encourage your dealership to host a Food Truck War in the parking lot.  Invite local food trucks to participate and donate a percentage of the proceeds back to your Member program.
  • Ask the dealership to donate a set amount to your program for every test drive during a specified amount of time.
  • Encourage joint commercials, public service announcements or other advertisements throughout the campaign.
  • Display your Member program’s signage or set up an informational table at the dealership to attract volunteers and support.
  • Encourage your dealership to get involved on social media. Check out our Social Media Tips to learn more.

For those programs that do not have a participating Subaru Dealership in their area:

Don’t have a participating Subaru dealership in your area? You can still participate in the campaign and become eligible for a grant by promoting the national “Share the Love” partnership on your website, via social media or in your newsletter.

  • It’s important to understand that Subaru dealerships are not required to participate in events and that they may need to split their efforts between five or six charities. You can still approach press in your community to promote the campaign. Use this opportunity to convey what Subaru giving back to Meals On Wheels means to your Member program and what your services provide to the community.
  • Tell your supporters about the campaign through your website and/or newsletter.
  • Take screen shots of all of your social media interaction. Subaru is on Facebook and Twitter. It's important that you:
    • Use the #sharethelove hashtag in order to connect to all the great campaign conversation on Twitter.
    • Follow @_MealsOnWheels on Twitter and "like" the Association on Facebook – if you connect to us when you post about your campaign activities, we’ll repost, share and engage right back so that your voice is amplified even more.
    • Visit our "Share the Love" Social Media Tips page.

Is your Social Media confidence low? Do you want to bounce an idea off of us? Call or email Lauren Fielder, our Member Communications Manager, at or 571-339-1621.

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