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Stories From the Heart

Lives lived. Stories told. The seniors we serve are the same people who helped shape our nation. Using their minds, ingenuity and hard work, they were there when we needed them. They fought for our freedom, invented machines, developed medicines, dared to dream and ensured a brighter future for us all. Their stories are our stories. We share their stories with you in honor of all of the seniors whom we serve and who inspire us to do what we do. We are Meals On Wheels, and this is our story.

Mrs. Hill

Meet Mrs. Hill

Mrs. Hill spent her career helping others as a parent educator, counselor and probation services coordinator in Richmond, VA. After many years of public service, she is thankful that she can depend on a community institution like Meals On Wheels to deliver the nutritious meals she needs.

A few years ago, Mrs. Hill lost her husband and her son within a month of each other. Now, a debilitating back injury makes it difficult for her to get out of the house to shop and prepare meals. Despite these hardships, Mrs. Hill stays positive and appreciates the friendly visits and conversations with Meals On Wheels volunteers.

"The service is not just delivering noonday meals, but it's also to provide safety, security and someone to check on you. I was greatly elated at that thoughtfulness."

We are Meals On Wheels, and this is our story.

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