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How do you show your community that your Senior Nutrition Program is a top-quality program?

How do you convince a potential donor that your Senior Nutrition Program is exceptional or reassure your Board Members that your Senior Nutrition Program meets the "Gold Standard" for Meals On Wheels programs nationwide?

The answer is simple: Earn Magnet Accreditation from the Meals On Wheels Association of America.

Being known for excellence is a form of recognition we all strive to attain. That is why the Meals On Wheels Association now offers Senior Nutrition Programs the opportunity to achieve Magnet Accreditation.

What is the Magnet Accreditation Program?

Similar to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) seal of approval, the Magnet Accreditation Program uses criteria designed to measure program performance according to a set of universal performance standards.

Why is Magnet Accreditation important?

Magnet designation is an important recognition of your Senior Nutrition Program's performance in seven key areas:

  • Resource Development and Management
  • Staffing and Human Resource Management
  • Meal and Nutrition Services
  • Operations Management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Governance and Long Range Planning
  • Emergency Preparedness

Why should my program become a Magnet Accredited Program?

  • Magnet Accreditation raises your Senior Nutrition Program's professional profile.
  • Magnet Accreditation gives you a competitive advantage in the market place.
  • Magnet Accreditation gives you credibility with your Board, so they can be better ambassadors for your program.
  • Magnet Accreditation gives you enhanced visibility and the possibility to attract more donors.
  • Magnet Accreditation gives your clients and their families the assurance that your program operates according to national standards of practice.
  • Magnet Accreditation enhances your ability to recruit and retain high quality staff and volunteers.

What does it take to become a Magnet Program?

The Association Magnet Accreditation involves four simple steps:
  1. Download and Complete the Application 
  2. Document Submission
  3. Document Review
  4. Site Visit (Observation and Interviews)

Once your application form has been reviewed, the Association will send you a Magnet Accreditation Packet. This packet includes everything you need to prepare for, and participate in, the Meals On Wheels Association Accreditation Process.

For additional questions, call the Meals On Wheels Association of America's National Office at 888-998-6325 or email us at

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