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The Association's Online Grant System

All grant opportunities will be managed through the Association’s online grant system. Meals On Wheels Association of America will only accept grant applications that are submitted electronically through this system.

Important Note:  You will need to "Create a New Account" the first time you use the Online Grant System.  This system will not accept your MyMOWAA log in.

Once you have an Online Grant System Account, you will be able to:
1. View and print the application and instructions for all open grant opportunities

2. View the status of an application (e.g., is it complete/was the grant awarded/was the grant denied/etc.)
3. View and print drafts of applications you are currently working on; print past applications you have submitted.

If you are awarded a grant, you will need to use the Online Grant System to manage all grant follow-up activities, including:
4. Completing the grant acceptance process
5. Viewing, printing and submitting required follow up reports



Current Member Grant Opportunities  

"Share the Love" Grants

For the seventh consecutive year, the Subaru “Share the Love” event provides a fantastic opportunity to propel the Meals on Wheels movement and generate the impact that will come back to support Members all year long! Whether you jump in fully by partnering with a nearby Subaru retailer or support the “Share the Love” event by spreading the word together, we can rally support for our seniors and our programs though this national fundraising and awareness campaign.

This year's “Share the Love” grant program was designed to provide all Member programs – no matter the size, location or even proximity to a Subaru retailer – the opportunity to get involved and receive valuable funding.

Rewards will be given in the form of grants to Member programs for their participation in the “Share the Love” event November 20, 2014, through January 2, 2015. Only Association Member programs in good standing during the entire "Share the Love" event, as well as the grant application and review process, are eligible to apply for a grant. To join the Association, please visit

In addition, Member programs must register their proposed “Share the Love” participation online no later than Friday, November 28, 2014 to be eligible to apply for a “Share the Love” grant at the end of the event. This process will act as a “letter of intent,” enabling the Association and Subaru of America, Inc. to track our collective progress, promote your events on social media and remain a helpful resource throughout.

This year, there are now two separate applications – one for those who partnered with a Subaru retailer and one for those who promoted the “Share the Love” event in other ways. Applications must be submitted through the Association’s Online Grant system no later than Friday, January 16, 2015.

For more information, visit

Emergency Response Fund

Most of us feel quite helpless as we watch reports of devastation – whether from earthquakes or violent weather or floods – that can ravage a community. While all who are impacted struggle to pick up the pieces afterwards, we are all well aware that the homebound seniors living in impacted areas are particularly vulnerable, and we'd like to help you as you help them.

When disasters strike, many seniors rely solely on the courage and compassion of their local Meals on Wheels program staff and volunteers to deliver hope in times of unimaginable crisis. Programs like yours have always risen to the challenges brought on by these kinds of disasters, and are often the first line of support to seniors and others seeking aid. Because sometimes the scope and severity of a crisis hinders your ability to serve as that vital lifeline, the Association has established an Emergency Response Fund to assist our Member programs facing emergency situations.

For the purposes of the Emergency Response Grant Fund, an emergency is defined as an unforeseen natural disaster event, such as the following:

    • Earthquake
    • Electrical Outage
    • Extended Heat Wave
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Hurricane
    • Landslide
    • Nuclear Accident/Attack
    • Tornado
    • Volcano Eruption
    • Tsunami
    • Terrorist Attack
    • Winter (Snow or Ice) Storm

Requests for funding in the form of a grant must be submitted through the Association's Online Grant System through completion of the Emergency Response Fund Application Form and Agreement. If you do not already have an account created, you can create your own login. After you have created your account, you will see a link in the left-hand navy blue column that says, “Apply.” This will take you to a listing of all of our current grant and scholarship opportunities. The Emergency Response Fund Application is one of them.

Walmart Foundation's State Giving Program

The Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program plays an essential role in the Foundation’s mission to create opportunities so people can live better. The Program provides grants to 501(c)(3) organizations, ranging from $25,000 to $250,000.

The Program invests in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. The Walmart Foundation has a State Advisory Council in each state, made up of Walmart associates representing local communities. Each Council helps identify local needs within its state, reviews all eligible grant applications and makes funding recommendations to the Walmart Foundation. Councils base recommendations on alignment with Foundation focus areas, state or community needs and program eligibility criteria.

Applications are accepted during designated periods, or cycles, only. All states have two application cycles annually. Each state is assigned to either application cycles 1 and 3 or application cycles 2 and 4. Organizations may only apply for funding in the designated cycles assigned to their state (see below.) To determine which state you should apply for funding through, choose the state where the programs or services will be implemented, regardless of where your organization is based. For example, if your organization is based in Alabama but you are requesting funding for programs or services that will be delivered in Mississippi; you would apply to the Mississippi State Giving Program.

Application cycles are selective and based on alignment with preferred funding areas.

For more information, please visit



Online Grant System Tutorials

If this is your first time using the Online Grant System, we have several optional tutorials available to help you get started.

>> Getting Started: Creating a New Account and Logging In

>> Completing Your Application: Technical Tips and Instructions

>> File Uploads: Using Excel Budget and Timeline Templates

>> Fax to File: How to Create a PDF from a Paper Copy


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