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When disasters strike, many seniors rely solely on the courage and compassion of their local Meals On Wheels program staff and volunteers to deliver hope in times of unimaginable crisis. Meals On Wheels programs have always risen to the challenges brought on by these kinds of disasters, and are often the first line of support to seniors and others seeking aid.

Before an emergency strikes, it is vital to increase the safety net for the frailest, most vulnerable and at risk members of a community. The Meals On Wheels Association of America offers Senior Nutrition Programs the help and support they need to create innovative partnerships and collaborations among Meals On Wheels program staff, volunteers and emergency community stakeholders.


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Emergency Response Fund

Sometimes the scope and severity of a crisis hampers the ability of a Meals On Wheels program to serve as that vital lifeline for seniors. When that happens, the Meals On Wheels Association of America is ready to assist programs in their efforts to resume services.

Thanks to a generous contribution from the AARP Foundation, the Meals On Wheels Association of America has instituted the Emergency Response (ER) Fund. The Fund will help restore and strengthen programs impacted by disasters so they may continue their efforts to ensure that no senior goes hungry. While the initial funding came from the AARP Foundation, the Meals On Wheels Association of America will seek to raise additional resources for the Emergency Response Fund to prepare for future emergencies.

For more information about the ER Fund, please visit or contact us at 888-998-6325, or

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